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Are you Orange?

Are you international?

What does diversity mean to you? Are you interested in respectful, friendly engagement with people from other cultures? Are you aware of your own strengths? Do you know where you need the talents of your international colleagues to create synergies and achieve even better results? Do you believe that collaborations with international partners enrich you and your employer beyond your business relationship? If so, you’re international and this might be the right place for you.

Are you dynamic?

Do you enjoy facing new challenges? Do you question things critically and have the courage to embrace change? Are you motivated to always discover new heights of performance? Yes? Then you are dynamic and a great asset to our team.

Are you owner?

Does your ideal work environment consist of flat hierarchies and cooperative partnerships among colleagues and superiors? Do you enjoy working independently and identify yourself with your workplace? Are you readily prepared to invest just a little bit more to achieve an execellent result? Are you able to provide constructive criticism if necessary? If that's you, we need you because you have an ownership mentality.

Are you out-of-the-box?

Do you respond to challenges with creative solutions? Do innovative ideas come naturally to you? Do you have the courage to think differently, express your unconventional proposals and implement them? If so, you should consider a position with us, because you think out-of-the-box.

Are you ORANGE?

Are you international, dynamic, responsible and a creative thinker? Are you a passionate performer? Do you identify with your professional activities day-in and day-out? Then you are ORANGE.

Who is orange?

Get to know some of (y)our colleagues and learn more about their personal stories within icunet.

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