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What you need:
An integrated global mobility solution

Have you experienced the immense benefits of synergies from global cooperation? Are foreign assignments for your specialists and managers part of your daily business? Then you are probably very familiar with questions like these: What are the current visa regulations in Brazil and which regulations apply to my employees going from the US to China? What should I consider when registering an employee with the authorities in Singapore? Will their driver's license be valid in the target country? “Small” processes such as registrations, driver’s licenses, child benefits and the housing search can eat up precious time. You know how it is...

What do we offer?
An innovative full-service solution

We know: More than ever companies define success by entering international markets and by aiming at synergies generated by global cooperation. To a rising degree, this process requires the assignment of employees to worldwide locations. A target-oriented Global Mobility Management strengthens the sustainable success of the company and its employee – without losing sight of the family’s needs.

icunet is attending your assignees and their families at every turn in their journey abroad and, yet also in their return.
Having consultants and partners in 75 countries ICUnet.AG is offering an all-around service in the area of global mobility: central and with a regional single point of contact on site who is interculturally trained and has an eye for personal needs.

ICU NeXt Destination
Software-based optimization of the deployment process

Thanks to ICU NeXt Destination, the tool for human resources management of ICUnet.AG, you are constantly able to survey all cases, you know the current state of single assignments and have transparency of every posts, persons and costs involved that you have an eye for.

Responsible HR contacts, as well as the assignee and the attendant service provider of relocation all have access to necessary data, at any time and any place. IND is distinguished for its simple application while being transparent and up to date at any time.
It significantly reduces complexity and provides transparent data control, resulting in simplified and accelerated assignment and relocation processes for you. The average savings achieved by optimizing your process with IND measures between 20 and 25 percent.

Getting Settled:

Relocation with icunet

Intercultural Assignment Management

No matter where your qualified employee or executive is going to be assigned – Icunet.AG worldwide cares for your employees offering individualized concepts in order to efficiently assist you in every international challenge that you are facing.

Organizational support for the assignees in every single area of relocation is essential for a quick integration in a new life and a new working environment. We ensure a smooth start abroad – from the initial orientation tour at the destination to the housing and school search and various settling-in services (opening a bank account, driver’s license registration, etc.). When departing, we will support your assignee with various departure services. This is how we guarantee a worry-free deployment of your employees – from departure to return.

International know-how

Having an international network of more than 250 external consultants as well as 150 partners we are able to offer our service throughout the world. Our interculturally skilled consultants figure the highlight in Germany. They know how to communicate with the assignees, they are familiar with particular likings and with the stiffest challenges of each single nationality with the correspondent host country and thus are capable of individually dealing with each of them.

Compliance guaranteed:

Visa & Immigration Services

Whether you have questions about the Blue Card or wish to apply for a residence visa: We have the answers and will guide your employees competently and confidently through the bureaucratic jungle. We are happy to assist you and your staff in applying for visas, work and residence permits. For other local administrative procedures, such as tax reporting or applying for child benefits, we are also happy to assist your employees in word and deed. Thanks to our international network, we provide professional immigration services across the globe.

Every employee is different – that is how we approach each one, adapting to the individual situation and answering their questions: When can my wife get her visa? Do I have to certify the birth certificate of my children? How long do I have to wait for my work permit?

With more than 1,500 immigration cases handled each year and more than 20 years of experience in relocation & immigration, you will benefit from our network and can be sure that we are always up-to-date with the constantly changing legislative landscape. Thanks to our own in-house Immigration Department and competence centers throughout the world, ICUnet can provide the expertise you need for over 80 countries. Wherever the journey leads, we’ll be glad to accompany you!

The oil in the gearbox of internationalization:

International Mobility Management

Group Movement, Expense Management, Tenancy Management, Move Management

Whether Group Movement, Expense Management, Tenancy Management or Move Management, ICUnet.AG takes care of its smooth proceeding. Together with an efficient and reliable network of partners, ICUnet.AG is designing its various processes individually and offers one-stop services. As far as you are concerned, you are no longer decelerated by a time-consuming debating with shipping contractors, tax consultants or immigration experts. You have a single contact that is exclusively engaged in your business case. This saves time and money.

Group move management and orientation programs

Are you sending an entire group of assignees abroad? Then we are your contact. We analyze your needs, create policies for the move, coordinate appointments, equip participants with information on the location and organize orientation days.

Move management from A to Z

Benefit from our expertise and allow us to assume management of your moves. We cover the full spectrum including the auditing of relocation needs, collecting and evaluating various cost estimates, coordinating and scheduling the relocation, billing and, if necessary, even claims processing.

Budget management

Costs are incurred or payments need to be made to expatriates within the context of assignment policy. These can include ongoing rent payments, utilities (electricity, gas, water), freight forwarders, language courses and school fees. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, we collect the invoices and receipts, make timely payments and create weekly or monthly reports according to your needs.

Interculturally supported global mobility is a proven winner

„Moving to Germany was an exciting and challenging experience for my husband and I as we were expecting our first baby two months after our arrival. Thanks to the personal and highly professional service we got from icunet, we not only found an amazing property, but also received the assistance we needed for our special family situation. Thank you, icunet. We could not have done it without you!“

Mary & Benjamin Basil, Director Global Diabetes Brand Team, Eli Lilly & Company für Boehringer Ingelheim

“The Relocation Consultant provided support and guidance well beyond our expectations. She was terrific, especially with my wife. She provided advice in a number of different situations, and more than fulfilled her obligations in helping us with social, commercial and legal questions.”

Jim Fowler, Wintershall